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Research in Finland

Finland invests in knowledge-based competence and aims to increase the overall standard of education. The Government Programme stresses the role of research as the foundation of knowledge and know-how, which in turn promote sustainable economic growth and immaterial as well as material welfare. 

In 2014, research and development expenditure represented 3.2 % of the gross domestic product (GPD).

Finnish research infrastructures databank opened

The Finnish research infrastructures databank gives information about nationally significant research infrastructures, including facilities, equipment, materials and services that enable research. The information in the databank is in Finnish and English.

 The Academy of Finland and Ministry of Education and Culture launched the development of the Finnish research infrastructures databank under the Open Science and Research Initiative in 2015. Read more

Head office of greenhouse gas observation organisation to Helsinki

icosThe European Commission has established a new, pan European greenhouse gas monitoring organisation, Integrated Carbon Observation System (ICOS), which will have its Head Office in Finland. ICOS is a network of measuring stations, aimed at quantifying and understanding the greenhouse gas balance in the region. Press release

Finland’s strategy and roadmap for research infrastructures 2014–2020

The Finnish Research Infrastructure Committee (FIRI Committee), a body appointed by the Academy of Finland, has published Finland’s first national research infrastructure strategy as well as an updated infrastructure roadmap.

The roadmap is a plan for key research infrastructures in Finland that are either under development or that will be newly required over the next 10–15 years. Research infrastructures form a reserve of research facilities, equipment, materials and services. As such, they are essential instruments for research.

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Finnish Science Barometer 2013: Finns have high trust in science

barometerScience, both as an institution and more specifically through certain organisations, is highly trusted by Finns. The quality of Finnish science and research is considered to hold a high standard, and the percentage of Finns who have strong confidence in the ability of science to produce reliable and accurate results is high. The prospects for science in Finland are also viewed as positive. Read more

Resolution on comprehensive reform of research institutes and research funding

infraThe Government has approved resolution on comprehensive reform of research institutes and research funding. The  resolution specifies three packages of measures for the reform of research institutes and research funding and identifies the ministry responsible in each case.

These three sets of measures comprise structural reforms, research funding reforms, and the implementation and follow-up of the reforms. The overall reform will be implemented in 2014–2 017.

Press release

Broader role proposed for successful Academy of Finland

akatemiaAn international evaluation of the Academy of Finland commissioned by the Ministry of Education and Culture has been completed. The evaluation considers the Academy successful in its mission to finance high-quality scientific research and that the portfolio of funding instruments meets the expressed needs of the Finnish research community.

The evaluation recommends that the Academy’s role should be extended into strategic research funding and it should play a more active role in science policy in Finland. Read more

Work to update Finland’s national roadmap for research infrastructures underway

The Finnish Research Infrastructure Committee has started its work to update the national roadmap for research infrastructures. The aim is to compile information on projects that should be maintained or included in the new national roadmap for research infrastructures.

Finland’s national RI roadmap will be updated in 2013 at the latest, and the national expert group for research infrastructures in Finland will assess the urgency and priority level of projects included in the roadmap.

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Science policy in Finland

The aim of science policy in Finland is to promote science andknowledge based competence; assure the quality, impact and positive international development of research and researcher training; and promote the development of an efficient and blanket research system in cross-sectoral cooperation. > Science policy

International cooperation

Finland takes part in international interaction in research both in practice and in science policy within the European Union as well as with other countries. The EU R&D Framework Programme is an important part of the cooperation. Finland also participates in many international research organisations and networks. > International cooperation