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Culture in Finland

Finnish cultural life is characterised by a wealth of cultural institutions and a comprehensive institutional network. There are also a wide range of activities arranged by civic organisations. The offering of culture is large, varied and actively taken advantage of by the general public. Government appropriations for culture have increased throughout the 2000s.

Creativity, cultural diversity and equity

strategiaThe provision of favourable conditions to support artists, other creative workers and cultural institutions is an important aspect of the ministry´s policy concerning culture. Promoting the development and preservation of cultural heritage and enviroments, as well as making art and cultural services accessible to all people regardless of where they live or how much they earn, are too. > Cultural policy

Finance of culture

kehysCulture is supported by public funding and the copyright compensation system. The foremost source of financing for culture in the central government is the Ministry of Education and Culture.

The remit of the Ministry of Education and Culture comprises national cultural institutions; publicly funded and subsidised museums, theatres and orchestras; local cultural provision; and subsidised organisational and civic activities.

> Finance of culture

Cultural administration

The Ministry of Education and Culture is responsible for strategic development in the cultural sector. The Ministry creates overall conditions for culture and participation in culture, drafts cultural legislation, and prepares relevant budget proposals.

The Arts Promotion Centre Finland is an expert agency under the Ministry of Education and Culture. Its task is to promote the arts on both the national and international levels, as well as to promote aspects of culture.

> Cultural administration

State Indemnities for Art Exhibition

The Ministry of Education and Culture grants state indemnity for the repair of damages caused to exhibits displayed in art exhibitions. The system also applies to historical and other cultural exhibitions. State indemnity discharges the organisers of major exhibitions from the expenses due to the insurance of the exhibits. The purpose of the system is to promote high-level international and domestic exhibition activity and cultural exchange.

> State Indemnities for Art Exhibition

Finland offers experience and expertise to the World Heritage Committee

suomenlinna_kuvaaja_lentokuva_vallas_oyFinland is a Candidate to the World Heritage Committee at the 19th session of the General Assembly of States Parties to the World Heritage Convention in 2013. Elections to replace outgoing Committee members take place in November 2013.

As a Member of the World Heritage Committee, Finland will strengthen the protection and management
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