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University Education in Finland

The Finnish higher education system consists of two complementary sectors: universities of applied sciences and universities. The mission of universities is to conduct scientific research and provide undergraduate and postgraduate education based on it.

Universities must promote free research and scientific and artistic education, provide higher education based on research, and educate students to serve their country and humanity. In carrying out this mission, universities must interact with the surrounding society and strengthen the impact of research findings and artistic activities on society.

Under the new Universities Act, which was passed by Parliament in June 2009, Finnish universities are independent corporations under public law or foundations under private law (Foundations Act). The universities operate in their new form from 1 January 2010 onwards. Their operations are built on the freedom of education and research and university autonomy.

Universities confer Bachelor's and Master's degrees, and postgraduate licentiate and doctoral degrees.

Universities work in cooperation with the surrounding society and promote the social impact of research findings.

The higher education system is being developed as an internationally competitive entity capable of responding flexibly to national and regional needs.

Mainpage Education & ECEC University education