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National-level research infrastructures. Present state and roadmap

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  • National-level research infrastructures. Present state and roadmap 
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  • Publications of the Ministry of Education, Finland 2009:2 
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  • 2009 
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  • 978-952-485-634-8
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  • Ministry of Education 
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One of the priorities of European research policy is to develop research infrastructures. The European Strategy Forum on Infrastructures (ESFRI) has drawn up a plan – a roadmap – for European research infrastructures. The EU Competitiveness Council has urged member countries to prepare national roadmaps of research infrastructures.

Finland’s Ministry of Education provided funds for the Federation of Finnish Learned Societies in 2008 for the mapping of research infrastructures at the national level and appointed a wide-based Steering Group for the purpose. This work concerned research infrastructures in all sectors of administration, and as a result 20 projects are proposed for the roadmap of new infrastructures or ones that are to be significantly developed. Thirteen of them are associated with European researched infrastructures proposed by ESFRI.

In addition to proposals for the roadmap, twelve recommendations for developing infrastructures in specific disciplines are presented along with thirteen general recommendations concerning 1) the establishment of infrastructural entities and the improved utilization of infrastructures, 2) Finnish participation in international research infrastructures and ESFRI projects, 3) funding, and 4) research infrastructure policy.

The project estimates that the additional costs of implementing the roadmap will total approximately €30 million per year, while the costs of current national and international research infrastructures are around €160 million a year. Funding will also be needed for local research infrastructures. The present project reiterates the proposals of earlier working groups concerning the need for an organ at the national level, a research infrastructure council, to prepare and implement research infrastructure policy and its funding.

Mainpage Publications National-level research infrastructures. Present state and roadmap