Within the Finnish Government, the Ministry of Education and Culture is responsible for developing educational, science, cultural, sport and youth policies and international cooperation in these fields.  The Minister of Education, Science and Communications, Ms. Krista Kiuru is responsible for education and science policies and the Minister of Culture and Housing, Ms. Pia Viitanen for cultural, sport and youth policies.

Finland’s strategy and roadmap for research infrastructures 2014–2020

(14.3.) The Finnish Research Infrastructure Committee (FIRI Committee), a body appointed by the Academy of Finland, has published Finland’s first national research infrastructure strategy as well as an updated infrastructure roadmap. 

The roadmap is a plan for key research infrastructures in Finland that are either under development or that will be newly required over the next 10–15 years. Research infrastructures form a reserve of research facilities, equipment, materials and services. As such, they are essential instruments for research.

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Finland and Estonia agreed on close collaboration in developing cloud services in education

(29.1.) Finland and Estonia will collaborate to develop educational cloud services that will bring together electronic learning materials and learning applications, and will significantly step up both educational and technological cooperation.

Krista Kiuru, Finland’s Minister of Education and Science and Jaak Aaviksoo, Estonia’s Minister of Education and Research reached agreement on this in Tallinn.

Press release 29.1.

PISA 2012: Proficiency of Finnish youth declining

pisabanner_pieni(3.12.) Average mathematical literacy among Finnish school students ranked in twelfth place in the PISA 2012 assessment. Reading and science literacy have also deteriorated markedly. Finland came in 12th place in mathematics, 6th in literacy and 5th in science.

Despite the clear downturn, Finnish students remain one of the best performers among the OECD countries.  Finland remains the best in literacy and science among the European OECD countries.

Press release 3.12.

Finnish Science Barometer 2013: Finns have high trust in science

barometer(19.11.) Science, both as an institution and more specifically through certain organisations, is highly trusted by Finns. The quality of Finnish science and research is considered to hold a high standard, and the percentage of Finns who have strong confidence in the ability of science to produce reliable and accurate results is high. The prospects for science in Finland are also viewed as positive.
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Education and Training Monitor: Key indicators and benchmarks

etmfin(5.11.) According to The Education and Training Monitor 2013 Finland has been able to maintain its high international position, particularly on basic skills.

The country-specific recommendations, proposed by the Commission and adopted by the Council, are based on an assessment of each Member State's key challenges.

In the context of an ageing population, the employability of older workers and the need to delay their exit from the labour market on the one hand, and the level of youth unemployment and a lack of relevant skills among young job seekers on the other, are growing sources of concern for Finland.

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Minister Arhinmäki at the Frankfurt Book Fair: ”Greatest asset in Finland is education”

fc-logo-6-lines-outline-rgb-english-1(10.10.) Finland has been chosen as the Guest of Honour at the Frankfurt Book Fair next year. A press conference on next year’s programme was held at this year’s Book Fair on Thursday 10 October. Paavo Arhinmäki, the Minister of Culture and Sport, opened the occasion.

Finland’s slogan as the Guest of Honour of the Book Fair in 2014 is ‘FINNLAND. COOL.’

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