Within the Finnish Government, the Ministry of Education and Culture is responsible for developing educational, science, cultural, sport and youth policies and international cooperation in these fields. 

The Minister of Education, Science and Communications, Ms. Krista Kiuru is responsible for education and science policies and the Minister of Culture and Housing, Ms. Pia Viitanen for cultural, and youth policies. Minister of Defence Mr Carl Haglund (Ministry of Defence) is responsible for matters relayed to sport. The church affairs, which fall under the Ministry of Education and Culture, are handled by the Minister of the Interior, Ms Päivi Räsänen (Ministry of the Interior).

Education at a Glance: Long study periods in Finland

eduglanceThe OECD published its annual indicators on education (Education at a Glance). It compares different OECD countries and partner countries in the light of educational levels, employment by educational attainment, the financial cost of education, enrolment in education and indicators relating to teachers. The publication also analyses the results of international assessments, such as the student performance survey (PISA survey) and the study of adult competencies (PIAAC).

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Council of Europe Convention on fight against manipulation of sports competitions

Council of Europe member States flags Photo: Ellen Wuibaux ©Council of Europe(10.7.) Council of Europe’s Committee of Ministers has adopted a Convention on the manipulation of sports competitions.

The purpose of this Convention is to prevent, detect, punish and discipline the manipulation of sports competitions, as well as enhance the exchange of information and national and international cooperation between the public authorities concerned, and with sports organisations and sports betting operators.

The Convention shall be opened for signature by member states and non-member states of the Council of Europe on the occasion of a ministerial conference organised on 18 September at Macolin (Switzerland).
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Working group: Finland a world leader in science education by 2020

heureka_laboratorio(9.6.) A working group set up by the Finnish Ministry of Education, Science and Culture has come up with a number of development proposals for methods with which to promote science education in Finland and spark childrens and young peoples interest in science and research both in and outside schools.
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Finland’s strategy and roadmap for research infrastructures 2014–2020

(14.3.) The Finnish Research Infrastructure Committee (FIRI Committee), a body appointed by the Academy of Finland, has published Finland’s first national research infrastructure strategy as well as an updated infrastructure roadmap. 

The roadmap is a plan for key research infrastructures in Finland that are either under development or that will be newly required over the next 10–15 years. Research infrastructures form a reserve of research facilities, equipment, materials and services. As such, they are essential instruments for research.

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